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April 2024 - Thesis opportunity (competitive selection) at the University of Strasbourg (France) on the ecophysiology and conservation of bumble bees "Multidimensional characterization of the composition of pollen to support the health and resilience of bumblebees in a context of climate change ." More info here .

April 2024 - Congratulations to Amélie Morin who defended her entry into the doctoral program and her project on the implementation of tailor-made flower strips for bumblebees in agricultural environments; you can read more about his project here (FR only).

July 2023 - Congratulations to the researcher in charge of our project, Mathilde Tissier, who obtains a permanent position at the CNRS (France), allowing us to carry our project across the Atlantic and to create a new bridge between France and Quebec to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and experience on the conservation of pollinators and sustainable agriculture.

April 2023 - Mathilde Tissier presented our work during an invited seminar as part of the Bee, Ecology and Evolution seminar - York University. Watch her presentation here.

December 2022 - We will attend the day of exchanges on good practices in pollination, organized by the CRAAQ (Quebec agriculture and Agri-Food reference center) on December 14.

August 2022 - Meet us at the CSEE-ESA conference in Montreal

Find the poster presenting our project and some preliminary results during the poster session on Monday August 15, 5-6:30 pm.

May 2022 - The 2022 pitch begins!

It's spring, and bumble bee queens are emerging from hibernation. This is the period during which we initiate the various field studies: captures of bumble bee queens and evaluation of their health (with WPC), setting up studies in greenhouses to identify the associations of cultures favorable to bumblebees and interesting for agricultural producers.


A yellow-banded bumble bee queen
(Bombus terricola ), on a willow flower (c) Tiffani Harrison


An experimental greenhouse at Bishop's University (c) Gabrielle Bourbeau

October 2021 - Find us at BeeCon 2021 and SQEBC 2021

Sarah MacKell and Mathilde Tissier present the preliminary results of our studies on the nutritional value of pollen from plants native to Quebec and Ontario on the reproduction and health of bumblebees at the BeeCon 2021 conference ( free registration here ) on October 14, 2021 and at the SQEBC ( find out more here ) between November 4 and 7, 2021.

July 2021 - pollen for native pollinators

Reproduction of wild-caught bumblebee queens is underway as part of our project on the benefits of native plant pollen for bumblebees in Quebec and Ontario. To learn more, it's here !

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June 2021 - Follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

We are now present on Twitter and Facebook : you can follow us to be informed in real time of the progress of our research and our projects!

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May 2021 - Sustainable agriculture

Our partner Frédéric Jobin-Lawler from L'Abri Végétal talks about the Quebec government's plan to help greenhouse companies abandon fossil fuels on radio Canada

May 2021 - droughts

Our partner Louis Drainville - Terre-Eau Inc. talks about the benefit of windbreak hedges to increase water reserves in agricultural areas on Radio Canada and La Terre de Chez Nous .

May 2021 - Mathilde Tissier presents her work at the Acfas Congress

within the conference 204 - The challenges of wildlife management in the Anthropocene era

April 2021 - Announcement - seeking greenhouse partners

We are looking for companies or greenhouse producers interested in collaborating on our bumblebee health project.

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